A Selection of Reviews of the Danish Translation "Hanna, Guds mindste engel"

(First published in German as "Hanna, Gottes kleinster Engel")

"The inhuman parentsī treatment of their little daughter Hanna makes the novel unusually gripping and necessary to read - for children from 10 up as well as for parents - One of the most moving and harsh books for many years - a warm and at the same time icy novel with subjects for family talks, many tears and a lot of consideration."

-The Public Library Review, Denmark


"The novel is very moving and an excellent basis for ethical debates..."

-School Library Review, Denmark


"The total logic and consistency in her actions just increases the dismal atmosphere of the story, which, in spite of the simple and silent narrative style, is tough reading. There is a cry of solitude and grief in this little German soul of dimensions one rarely meets in Danish Childrenīs literature, but it totally fits the excessive obedience and will to adjustment we meet with her elder brother - a phenomenon almost just as unknown to us. It is the story about the most ugly face of the petite bourgeoisie, about the horrible price of normality in a society where the nice facade stands as a symbol of inner happiness and harmony."

-Danish Newspaper Review, Denmark