Introduction of the Painter

Angela Sommer-Bodenburg


Statement made by Ms. Catherine Fritz, director of the ARVEDA Studio and Gallery in La Jolla, California, on the introduction of Angela Sommer-Bodenburg´s Artist Talk

"... I first knew Angela as a painter. After viewing the slides of her work, I was very interested in seeing her paintings in person. The impact of seeing 40 self-portraits gave me a heavy sense of her passion and dedication in conveying a strong universal message. I felt a sense of innocence in the willingness to expose oneself for the sake of visual communication. However, her mastery of materials, techniques and talent echoed a single focus of intent and congruency throughout each painting and title.

I could not help but feel the first and most obvious message of each painting and yet, at the same time, her use of the formal elements and iconography suggested just the opposite. It was almost like seeing pop art without the use of contrasting colors or patterns. I had not seen such intense paintings that had this touch of genius and silent humor regarding the dark and light of everyday life and emotions. I knew her paintings were ready to be seen by as many people as possible.

Slowly, as I got to know her, did I realize that she was a world renown writer from Germany. Twenty-seven countries know of her and her stories through her books, radio and television programs, and plays.

An American movie is now in the making and finally our country will get to know Angela and feel her message that so many other countries have known for many years..."

August 22, 1996

Catherine Fritz
Director of the ARVEDA Studio and Gallery in La Jolla, California.